(L to R) Mike, Carmen, Evan, Phil, Anthony(L to R) Mike, Carmen, Evan, Phil, Anthony
  • (L to R) Mike, Carmen, Evan, Phil, Anthony

DissappearingDayVacationing in Nashville last week (6/24-29/08), I attended a fantastic concert (6/27) featuring Australian artists Anthony Snape and Tommy Emmanuel. Anthony is here to conquer this continent and I think he’ll do it. He’s full of positive energy and his music is infectious and packed with sweet melodies and hooks that keep me coming back to play them again and again. Anthony is genuinely talented and if you find yourself needing some bright intelligent tunes wonderfully produced and presented, pick up Disappearing Day, Anthony’s independently released debut album. I recommend it.

The cool blurry photo of Anthony was shot from our seats in the the third row of the Polk Theater at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.