Happy 21st Birhday, Mike!

From Talon and friends.

M-I-K-E-Y? Cus we got to.
M-I-K-E-Y? Cus we got to.
M-I-K-E-Y? Cus we got 2-1-21-twenty want a gift rap 2.
Happy birthday, eat cake?
Naw that ain’t gonna cut it.
Happy birthday, drink beer! Buy your cake a drink and love it.
Sorry, rhyming it with it? Still stuck on that Will Smith sh*t
Expect me to emit some film expectorate. ” Reel” spit.
Mike’s on the mic, but Talon’s on the talent.
Can’t dish out too much sugar, keep your breakfast balanced.
Kevin said before, I’m like your black Jimmy Fallon.
Just like Leno, you’re late, and it’s your seat I challenge
And Win. Imagine: here’s your host,
You’re the andy to my coco so take your post
I’m hostin a roast and I’m raisin a toast
To the friendliest guy on the friendliest coast,
20 years on the post, an you still ain’t a ghost
survivor: Jeff Probst.
Like Bill Murray, More chill than McFlurries,
More flamin’ than Curry, you’re focused, I’m blurry,
I’m actually worried you’ll get big befur me,
So sorry to Jet, but I’m in a hurry.


Now Richard Cladstein went walkin’, and he’s still lost!
Went Hawaii Whale Watchin’, our fingers crossed.
The tide was risin’, what? Risin’. Ups and Downs,
And none of these would ever be without Mike M around.
He’s a smilin’ soldier, a GLADiator,
Does it better than he told ya, PROcrastinator.
He’s always lookin so fly, he’s a frequent flyer.
Whatchu telling us for? Preachin — Choir.
“happy birthday Mike, Happy birthday,
Happy birthday Mike, Happy birthday”
Went back to the past to see what it was like,
But the whole world was scary, a world without mike.
A world with no laughter where bad guys win,
Like “Wario Party”, Like Tron without Flynn,
A world without a ride, so we had to stay,
Or take a trek so we could wreck at FIVE DOLLAR FRIDAYS
Needless to say, the past wasn’t for me,
Back to the future with Mike? No place I’d rather be.
Think you’re better than Mike? I’m gonna have to contest ya,
Sound like a good idea to you? NOPE: CHUCK TESTA.


Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, can’t you see?
Sometimes your films just hypnotize me.
The present’s looking good, the past ain’t the best,
So sit down, relax and we’ll tell you the rest.
You’re gonna go platinum, You’re gonna go far,
On the walk of fame, you’re gonna have 5 STARS.
You’re gonna be in movies, you’re gonna be in shows,
You’ll be everywhere, James Franc 2.0
The perks of being a wall, get to hold all your trophies
Where to put them all? Hard choice: Sophie’s.
Never see Mike sweat, never see Mike frown,
Mikey wobbles, but he don’t fall down.

Happy Birthday Mike, that’s the point of this thing,
If you chewin’ my math, if you gnaw what a mean,
It’s gonna go on forever, this birthday thing that we do.
M-I-K-E-Y? Cus we got to.
Alright, cut! That’s a rap.