I had no clue when I first met Ian (2- August 2004) that within two years of that serendipity we would launch a venture to create a feature length motion picture together. We have been working on this project for almost two years now and I am very excited about our progress.

Barb and I were attending an outdoor concert by the Nowhere Men at the Bothell Landing. The Nowhere Men are a Beatles tribute band and we were excited to see them for the first time. Between sets I remember spotting Bryan Hubert. Years earlier, when I was a broadcast producer at Chuck Snyder Advertising, Bryan and I did some work together in his recording studio. Seeing Bryan again was great and Ian was there and we chatted for a few minutes. I found out that Ian was interested in production and made a note to stay in contact. We traded email addresses. Time went by. Ian taught my sons how to use blender. Ian made films; short films, long films. Scott Burnett and I attended a film Ian premiered at his high school and it was all excitement and fun. After high school, Bryan, Ian and I met for coffee. It was revealed that Ian intended to pursue a film career. He wanted to direct.

Okay. Interesting. I had spent a fair amount of time thinking about projects that I wanted to do. About a year earlier, I had been developing a project that I wanted to direct with Scott and another friend. I will tease you by saying it was an amazing, original new story, but sadly the project fell apart (yet, lately I have entertained hopes of pulling these friends back together to try and resurrect it… we’ll see). In this void without a project to inspire my creativity, I considered doing several different things. One of the options was to produce a film directed by Ian and I pitched the idea to Ian and Bryan while we were having coffee. All we needed was a script that I could believe in. I think Ian was excited. We started meeting weekly and talking about concepts. We talked and talked during meeting after meeting. We took breaks from meeting and talking, then we started meeting and talking again. I remember setting a deadline for a completed script by January 31, 2007. This would provide us with time for pre-production and then allow us to shoot the film during the month of August. If we were actually going to shoot a film, it had to happen during the only month in ’07 I could conceivably open up for the production, which was August, or we would have to wait another year.

Long story short, Ian delivered a script on deadline, and it was a corker. We assembled an amazing cast and crew. My brother joined the project (another great day). And we shot the film in August! We are now deep into post-production. Everyday is filled with fun and creativity and quite frequently I think about what a great and glorious gift it was to meet Ian. Yes, that was a great day.
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By the way, Bryan Hubert is an amazing singer, songwriter, entertainer. It wasn’t that long ago that he was one half of Hubert and Myers; which brings us full circle. Myers is front man for The Nowhere Men.



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