Last Sunday night I went to Kelly Carpenter’s Noel Project CD Release Party at Bake’s Place in Bellevue. My friend Monty came along, too. We were treated to some sweet holiday beats from Kelly’s new CD which is a must buy. Yes, I’m telling you to buy it. It’s the one holiday music disk to buy right now. And you know why? It’s littered with ear candy. It’s a jazzy. hip-hoppy, holiday ambiance, with a splash of soulfulness. But there’s another super colossal reason to get this disk. It marks my debut as a performer. I am one of the Merry Whistlers credited on track 6, Jingle This! I couldn’t be more pleased.

Several weeks ago, Kelly posted on Facebook an opportunity to whistle on the track. He provided a reference track and instructions and people could send in recordings of themselves whistling their part. I tossed off a recording. I was pleased with the performance but was concerned about the quality of my recording. Kelly said on Facebook if your name is listed in the credits, your recording was in the mix. I’m suddenly immortal on a brand new level. Phil McCoy recording artist. It doesn’t hurt that the track sounds GREAT! Thanks for letting me have a part in the creation, Kelly!