102_0266What began with the first release of Halo as “Phil and Kevin’s Excellent Saturday Adventure” (PAKESA) evolved to 4Mc with the additions of Mike and Nate. All four McCoy’s loved playing Halo dawn to dusk and beyond. Our Halo LAN parties are now the stuff of legend. Playing through the night until we heard the Sunday paper hitting the front door. Sometimes we’d have two hubs going with as many as 32 guys playing Capture the Flag or Phat Matt (shotguns with no shields). Sometimes there would be overnight campers hoping to get in first for the best seating at the party.

2008-05-03_MikeHaloParty (32) 640px

Bulkhead 4McFrom the day that Halo ignited our imaginations, my sons and my brother had tremendous fun playing with our friends. We overloaded electrical circuits with the number of Xboxes and screens in the house. The parties grew. We added a couple ping-pong tables to the mix and offered day long, double-elimination, table-tennis tournaments officiated by a commissioner and administrated by our own league management. We even had our own logo clothing line.

THE PAPER documented our fun times with superb, witty accounts of our exploits. Check out all three issues below.


This was the first invitation issued after we graduated from 3Mc to 4Mc. Mike had joined the host team!


I have so many fond memories of all of our game days. Cranking our tunes. All the trash talk. One special memory is the day Randy took over as Lord of the Ping.