I started the day in Santa Barbara!I started the day in Santa Barbara!
Lenny KravitzLenny Kravitz
The boys are back in town!The boys are back in town!
Get On Your BootsGet On Your Boots
The EdgeThe Edge
Bono VoxBono Vox
Beautiful DayBeautiful Day
Barb & Phil!Barb & Phil!
The EdgeThe Edge
One of my favorite shots.One of my favorite shots.
Another favorite shot.Another favorite shot.
  • I started the day in Santa Barbara!
  • Lenny Kravitz
  • The boys are back in town!
  • Get On Your Boots
  • Larry
  • The Edge
  • Bono Vox
  • Beautiful Day
  • Barb & Phil!
  • Adam
  • The Edge
  • One of my favorite shots.
  • Another favorite shot.
  • Vertigo

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My journey to see U2 began more than a year and a half ago when I bought my ticket with help from Julie and Mark. Then Bono hurt his back and the show was canceled. Fast forward to June 4, 2011. I started my day in Santa Barbara, CA. After finishing a one day shoot the previous day, I was set to fly home and showed up at the airport to find my flight was delayed two hours. This was a big problem because my connecting flight from San Francisco to Seattle would have been in the air for a half an hour by the time I arrived. I remained undaunted. My United Ticket Agent assisted me graciously and found new connecting flights for my colleague, Scott Gwin, and our 6 equipment cases and carry-on bags. The new flights would leave San Francisco at 4:30pm.

I sent texts to Barb, Mark and Julie with updates. By the time I got to San Francisco where I would have to kill a couple hours, they were already waiting in line at Qwest Field. I marveled that they only had a few hundred feet to go, while I still had to travel a few hundred miles. I didn’t think I would make it to the show until it was halfway through at best. But the flight took off on time! All I had to do when I landed is work with Scott to collect our equipment, pick up my van from long term parking, load it up, zip over to West Seattle and drop the gear and then Scott would drop me off near Qwest Field. When the plane landed at SeaTac, Scott volunteered to drop me at Qwest and he would take care of the load-in at the office. Our flight was on time, our equipment cases came right down to baggage claim, we zipped over to Qwest Field and I walked in to hear Lenny Kravitz finish his set with American Woman, Fly Away, and Are You Gonna Go My Way. Pretty Nice.

Then the night exploded. The show opened with Bowie’s Space Oddity. It was perfect, and from that point on the night was magic. It was an amazing show on every level. I loved it and was very grateful that I could be there and see these guys. It was my first time seeing them perform live and they exceeded my expectations and then some.

Thanks Julie and Mark for hooking Barb and me up with tickets! And for the ride out to West Seattle to pickup my van.

Thanks Scott for getting me to Qwest Field in plenty of time for the show.

Scott took the picture of me at the Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara. The first batch of Lenny Kravitz and U2 photos were shot by me with a crappy old Olympus digital camera. The really super cool pro photos are from the U2 official website.

See the crew assemble the mondo stage via time lapse photography.

…and a bit from last night’s show!

It’s A Beautiful Day!