(L to R) Sophie, Gary, Barb, Mike, Carmen, Genevieve, Phil(L to R) Sophie, Gary, Barb, Mike, Carmen, Genevieve, Phil
  • (L to R) Sophie, Gary, Barb, Mike, Carmen, Genevieve, Phil

Last June we vacationed in Nashville (see my post) and stayed with Barb’s brother Gary’s family. We had a fantastic time hanging with the Heskje’s and one of the best days was on Thursday, June 26 when we piled into Gary and Mary Lou’s 15 seat passenger van and drove over to Memphis. I basically talked everybody into going on this journey with me. I wanted to walk through Elvis country (Graceland) and see the epicenter (Sun Studios) of the original rock & roll earthquake felt around the world.

After the three hour drive with stops for coffee at appropriate intervals, we made it to Graceland. We hung out with a hoard of devoted Elvis fans who quietly and reverently examined and photographed everything. There was a ton to see. However, they don’t let you go upstairs… yet. But we did walk in The King’s footsteps and admire his gold records, shag carpet, jump suits and jungle room.

After Graceland, we slipped over to Sun Studio for another tour. I loved this place and we had a great tour guide, David Brookings. who thoroughly entertained us with his amazing wit and command of the history surrounding the origins of Rock & Roll. We actually got to walk in the main recording room. Take a look at the photos. Mike’s toe is on the X where Elvis stood during his first recording sessions.

When we were all done at Sun, we piled back into the van, did a little junking and then headed back to Nashville. It was a supremely great day.