Evan is on the left end of the standing row of boys.Evan is on the left end of the standing row of boys.

This story comes to us from a proud Papa in Nashville (via email):


I couldn’t help but be impressed with your heartfelt, sincere, and quick response to our greeting cards sent via the U.S. mail in support of our government. You know, without the Postal Service, who would deliver all of those free catalogs to our doors?

Evan’s Baseball team won the Western TN State Tournament last night—the game ended at 1:30am, and then we had to drive home… Got to our house at 4:00am!

They were to play the first game at 6:00pm—game started, Evan hit a home run(!), and then the lightning moved in… and stayed. We were looking at the weather map and the only rain in Tennessee last night was over the city we were playing in! The first game didn’t resume until 9:45, so they had to finish that game, which was over by 10:30. Then they had to wait until the other 2 teams finished their game, which was 11:15. So, the first pitch was around 11:30pm—crazy.

The team won 2 games Saturday, 2 Sunday, and 2 last night, so they went undefeated—Evan played fantastic!

So, off to Florida next week for the Regional Tournament—not sure who’s going, but it seems that all of the Heskje cheerleaders want to go.

We’ll keep you posted-